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Soling Classes

What is the Soling Program? The Soling Program was founded in 1984 to foster creative and independent work across academic boundaries. We focus on interdisciplinary and collaborative work based on problem-solving, experiential learning, originality, and creativity. Students involved in the program work as multidisciplinary teams to explore potential solutions to unique and relevant real-world problems.

Got a great idea for a new creative, interdisciplinary class that you just can’t find in the catalog? Have a community-based project that you’d love to do and get course credit for? These and many other innovative opportunities are welcomed and provided through the Soling Program. Below are some regular offerings of the Soling Program that engage students with creative thinking, collaboration and community involvement. Try one with our groups of exceptional faculty and instructors as part of your academic plan.

If you’d like to learn more, contact the Soling Office at 443-3133, e-mail Benjamin Zender at, or register for a class!

Spring 2010 Classes

SOL 345 M001- Puppetry and Community - Geoffrey Navias – 3cr

Please click here for a class syllabus.

Puppets and Community  is an active hands-on course that explores the role of art in the formation of community in human societies. This grassroots approach involves SU students with the internationally famous Open Hand Theater. Students will design, build and operate giant puppets.
This year’s collaborative projects are:

  • Working with the 5th grade of an inner city elementary school in the creation of a large-scale puppetry pageant.

  • Creation of a large puppet procession for Syracuse Showcase. 

This class seeks to involve students from a wide range of disciplines. The willingness to experiment, be creative, and be involved are important attributes. Aspects of arts in education and professionally working with children and creativity will be explored. The Soling Program is a team-based collaborative, problem-based learning environment that emphasizes active learning. The program prepares undergraduates for both advanced study and future employment by encouraging them to develop problem solving, conflict resolution, presentation, and technical skills while working on a project for the University and the local community.

Times for working in the elementary school and rehearsals will be arranged.

SOL 360 M004 - Folk Arts, Festival and Public Display – Felicia McMahon 3cr

This interactive class combines hands-on learning, collaboration, and creativity. Students will explore the aesthetics of daily life and communities and the recontextualization of community and folk art.

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