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Upstate New York Student Summit
New Visions, New Cities: New Orleans
Savannah Dhu Conference Center
October 28-30, 2005

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As a representative of the generation who will lead this country into the future, we need your help and participation in an extraordinary collaborative event aimed at brainstorming how we can rebuild New Orleans as the city of the future using technology in every aspect of that challenge. Please join us for what promises to be an exciting opportunity to share your ideas, inspiration, and creativity in developing a blue print that can serve as an example of what is possible.

America is facing many challenges. The dependency on foreign oil threatens our future independence as well as our economic vibrancy. Natural disasters coupled with terrorist threats create an ever growing uneasiness and an uncertain outlook for our future. The recent devastation of the Gulf Coast region has impacted millions of people’s lives and left us with a need to rebuild this important region of the county. At the core of this need is New Orleans, a city with tremendous heritage and potential.

We have an opportunity at this important time to make a huge difference in how America addresses these challenges. Over the next few years our country will invest close to 500 billion dollars in rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure as well as the Gulf Coast region. We have a chance to use our innovation and technological leadership to build America’s city of tomorrow using New Orleans as the model.

In establishing the rebuilding of New Orleans as a model for the world, our goals are:

  • Enhance people’s quality of life, in areas such as energy and environment, infrastructure, neighborhoods and education, healthcare, safety and security
  • Re-establish America’s leadership in technology, by applying technology to every city in America, building pride and worldwide recognition
  • Using technology to build better, smarter and for less, with improved safety, decreased risk, and a focus on project lifecycle management

Your participation in this event will produce the following outcomes:

  • Create a vision for what life is like in a city of the future.
  • Develop a whitepaper of ideas for the city of the future driven by technology, using the rebuilding of New Orleans as a model.
  • Present recommendations to members of Congress and leaders of major corporations.
  • Create an online collaborative environment where students from around the world can contribute their ideas.

The collaborative portion of the summit will begin on the evening of October 28 and conclude on the morning of the 30 th at Savannah Dhu in Savannah, NY. Participants are welcomed to spend the rest of the day to enjoy great food and outdoor activities. Savannah Dhu is a magnificent retreat and conference center with a wildlife and fisheries preserve that offers spectacular opportunities for outdoor recreation. The conference center is at the heart of a 5000 Acre preserve. A staff of five full time chefs and complete staff create wondrous meals in a perfect setting (see

Participants are encouraged to explore the entire realm of possibilities, from housing to transportation, and music to medicine.   Ryan Chinn, the chief researcher of the “Smart Cities” research group in MIT’s Media Lab, will provide a keynote speech and participants will have the opportunity to interact with representatives from several leading technology companies.

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