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General Information About the Soling Program

The Soling Program seeks to stimulate creative and independent thinking among undergraduate students in all schools and colleges at Syracuse University. It was endowed by former University Trustee and Alumnus Chester Soling, and is housed in The College of Arts and Sciences. It is presently being reorganized to focus specifically on:

  • Problem solving (including setting of goals, problem definition, process questions)
  • Experiential learning, including off-campus opportunities
  • Creativity
  • Interdisciplinary work, preferably team-taught
  • Collaboration
  • Developing written, oral and visual communication
  • Fostering connections to the community in which we work and reside

The current focus is on innovative interdisciplinary courses that often involve links to the community, and that both explore and demand creative thinking on the part of students.  


Students will develop important academic and professional skills, and learn to:

  • Think creatively
  • Work collaboratively
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in print
  • Apply their academic work to a community setting 


Currently open to all undergraduate students

Contact Information

Soling Program
441 Hall of Languages
Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York 13244-1100

Cassidy Perreault
Soling Office Coordinator
Phone: 315-443-1414
Fax: 315-443-8093 att: Soling Program

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