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Chemical Testing

MayFest 2007 featured all kinds of events, including a demonstration of testing for cocaine on money.
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MayFest will be held on Tuesday, April 22, 2008
It is free and open to the public.

MayFest is a joint S. U.—SUNY- ESF, campus-wide, multi-venue event highlighting the wide diversity of student creative works on the campuses. The purpose of this event is:

  • to showcase student works of creativity, discovery, research, and innovation through performances, presentations, displays, demonstrations, screenings and other means
  • to promote the recognition and understanding of the breadth and depth of creative works being done University-wide by students and faculty together
  • to foster and encourage new collaborations across disciplines and academic boundaries
  • to encourage the broadest student engagement in future creative work and research by holding up successful student peer role models and to continue to foster a spirit of student academic involvement at the highest levels
  • to display for the community the nature and scope of creative works being done on campus.

The Plan:
MayFest is a day-long, continuous and simultaneous series of student performances, presentations, displays, screenings and other activities in a “festival” atmosphere. The majority of these events occur around the academic quad and utilize lecture rooms, lobbies, classrooms, laboratories, quad and other space. The venues are arranged to encourage those in attendance to visit space unfamiliar to them around the quad and to allow them to explore, in a convenient fashion, the diversity of creative works being done across campus. As a brief sampling of the many possibilities, last year's activities included:

  • performances by student musical, dance and dramatic groups
  • student poster and oral presentations on completed research in science, engineering, social science, and other fields
  • displays of student projects (such as fashion designs, architectural works, engineering projects, paintings and sculpture, mechanical and bioengineering devices, etc.)
  • public readings of student poetry, scripts and writings
  • screenings of video and film works including Dan Habib’s much acclaimed documentary film," Including Samuel". Click Here for the “Including Samuel” website.
  • unique presentations and demonstrations (such as chemistry “magic shows”, puppet presentations, engineering demonstrations, mathematical challenges, free-hand artists at work, cooking demonstrations, pottery demonstrations, glassblowing, fashion shows, etc.)
  • presentations of exceptional class projects (such as culinary works, design projects, filmed works, engineering contests, etc.).

Syracuse University students, faculty and staff were encouraged to participate as fully as possible in last year's activities. In addition, area high school juniors and their teachers received special invitations to visit campus and participate in the activities. A variety of campus offices and programs also participated in MayFest to provide information, services, and activities.

The Process:
Several committees (program, logistics and communication) were established to oversee various components of this large-scale event with representatives from all Schools and Colleges and appropriate service offices welcome. The overall work was sponsored and coordinated through the University Soling Program. Ideas for MayFest 2007 are very welcome. Potential participants and presenters are encouraged to contact the Soling Office, especially through faculty advisors.

Click Here to view MayFest 2005 slide show.
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Click Here to view MayFest 2007 slide show.

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