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Open Hand Theater

Open Hand Theater presentation , MayFest 07
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We wish to thank the following people and committee members who have worked so hard to make this event possible:

Jeff Stockham for creating the MayFest Logo
Heather Knowles for animating it
Larry Royer for teaching her animation
Dick Waghorne for creating the web site and incorporating them in it
Joanna Giansanti for designing the printed materials
Rob Enslin for marketing MayFest
Laura Derr for pulling it all together
Jim Spencer for inventing it
Chester Soling and Sponsors for funding it

And the people who make this happen, presenters, volunteers, and the following committee members:

MayFest Organization: James T. Spencer (MayFest General Chair), Bridget Talbot, Rob Enslin, Matthew R. Snyder, Laura Derr.

MayFest Logistics Committee: Bridget Talbot (Chair), Dee Bailey, Bob Careth, Laura Derr, Rob Enslin, Donal Little, Mary Jane Nathan, Brian O'Hara, Judy O'Rourke, John Sardino, Matthew Snyder, Jim Spencer, Rich Stach, Bridget Talbot, Charlotte Teft, David Tiedemann, Scott Vanderpool, George Athanas, Sue Bracy, Pat Campbell, Meg Cortese, Craig Maffiore, Lisa Maffiore.

MayFest Communications Committee: Ron Enslin and Matthew Snyder (Co-Chairs), Joanna Giansanti, Jeff Stockham, Dick Waghorne, Laura Derr.

MayFest Program Committee: James Spencer (Chair), Richard Breyer, Laura Derr, Rob Enslin, Brian O'Hara, Can Isik, Eric Holzwarth, Barbara Settel, Martha Sutter, Bridget Talbot, David Tiedemann, Sue Wadley, Greg Stroh, Pat Burak, Sandy Hurd, Charlotte Teft, Peter Hagan, Liz Crosby, Terra Peckskamp, Mike Wasylenko, Ann Wicks, Donal Little, Tim Fairchild, Bruce Bongarten, Bruce Carter, Doreen Henson, Evan Smith, Sandy Trento, Corinne Smith, Carlotta Deseda, Emily Smith, Janice Herzog Donohue.

MayFest SciMix Committee: Ted Dibble, Rob Doyle, Alan Miller, Peter Saulson, Sam Sampere, Scott Samson, Reed Hainsworth, Scott Collier, Linda Galbato, Mike Sponsler, Bruce Bongarten, Brenda Nordenstam.

MayFest After Dark Committee: Bradley Ethington, Justin Mertz, James R. Tapia, Milissa Carter, Shayla Adams, James T. Spencer, John F. Warren, Barbara Tagg, Geoff Navias, Francis Parks, Mike Sponsler, Sam Sampere, Lawrence J. Lewandowski, Patricia A. Burak, Martha Sutter , Don Dolloff, Thomas V. Wolfe, Sue Martini, Don Little

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