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$9 Trillion Dollar Debt
(Hall of Languages 207 11:00-12:00)
Social Issues: The critical issue of the nation's $9 trillion Public Debt will be examined through a public deliberation process.
Adanfo Drummers
(Setnor Auditorium 12:00-1:00)
West African drumming ensemble led by Ghanaian master drummer Etse Nyadedzor.
Appellate Arguments Demonstration
(Lampe Courtroom 400 12:00-1:00 & 2:00-3:00)
Members of the nationally recognized SUCOL Appellate Team demonstrate oral arguments
Art and Design Coalition: Button Making
(Dome Floor 11:00-2:00)
Attendees make buttons and learn about opportunities for artistic engagement on campus
Balancing the City Budget
(Eggers 032 1:00-2:00)
Demonstration of a tool to identify budgetary problems and plan alternative solutions.
Best of Show: Department of Design
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
A collection of undergraduate student work from Advertising Design, Communication Design, Interior Design, Industrial & interaction Design, and Surface Pattern Design. Plus a reception for local Art Teachers within the exhibit.
Bioremediation Case Studies
(Dome Floor 11:00-12:00)
Students enrolled in CIE 500 "Bioremediation" will present case studies of bioremediation projects.
Bipolar War Play
(Quad 10:00-12:00)
Two stations will be side-by-side offering militarist war play and a cooperative style game.
BLISTS presents "iSongs"
(Hinds Hall 117 12:00-3:00)
Write and produce your own song using music software. Burn a CD and take home your original composition
(Hinds Hall Lobby 10:00-2:00)
Learn about blogging with the students run blogging network.
Chemistry Magic Show
(Stolkin Auditorium 8:00-9:00; 10:00-11:00; 12:00-1:00)
The wonder and surprise of chemical reactions can make them seem magical
CitrusTV's Syrafeud - Live!
(Watson Theater 10:00-12:00)
CitrusTV's in-house game show takes it interactive for a live audience.
Collaborative Technology for Global Communication
(Hinds Hall 111 12:00-2:00)
Interactive session on collaborative technology (COTELCO) for global communication
Crazy Faces
(Hinds Hall 120 & Lobby 10:00-2:00)
A digital artist will combine your face and a friend's with hilarious results
Cultural Insights into the Francophone World
(Dome Concourse 9:00-3:00)
Student presentations
Delta Gamma Philanthropy: Service for Sight
(Dome Floor 10:00-2:00)
Informational table of the Delta Gamma Service for Sight projects.
Department of Psychology Undergraduate Poster Session Awards
(Dome Floor 12:00-1:00)
Awards presented to the winners of the department of psychology's undergraduate poster session.
DJ Teddy and SU Break-dance and Funk Styles
(Heroy Atrium 10:00-3:00)
A showcase of Break dancing and DJ-ing, which are two main elements of Hip-Hop.
E*LIT - Enriching Literacy through Information Technology
(Hinds Hall Lobby 11:00-1:00)
Students, teachers, technology, literacy and school media specialists collaborate in E*LIT.
Economics Distinction Program Undergraduate Thesis Presentations
(Eggers 010 9:00-1:00)
Seminar presentations of undergraduate thesis projects.
Entrepreneurial Thinking Competition
(Hinds Hall 111 2:00-3:00)
iSchool students present findings from internships of entrepreneurial behavior by employers
Exploring Geographic Information Technologies
(Eggers Hall 155 10:00-1:00)
Poster session of undergraduate and graduate research projects.
FEAT of CNY Autism Informational Table
(Dome Floor 9:00-2:00)
Autism awareness information, students of Dr. Laura Lee McIntyre presenting their research.
Folk Arts and Oral Traditions of India
(Folk Art Tent 12:00-2:00)
Student performances and art work displays.
Forensic Science Presentations
(Bowne Hall 203, 220, 212 9:00-11:00)
Poster presentations and demonstrations by members of the CHE 113 Forensic Science Class.
Fun in the Darkroom
(Watson Hall: Light Work 1:00-3:00)
Visit Robert B. Menschel Media Center for tours, photo activities, music, game shows and fun !
Gaming for Libraries
(Hinds Hall 347 9:00-12:00)
Experience how libraries are supporting gaming as a library program.
Glassblowing A live demonstration of the art of glassblowing.
HPV - What do you know?
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Educational storyboard "The Facts About Human Papillomavirum (HPV)", a short questionnaire testing knowledge about HPV and HPV fact sheets.
(Hall of Languages 1:00-2:00)
Social Issues: New Challenges of American will be examined through a public deliberation Forum.
Impunity Watch
(Dome Floor 12:00-3:00)
"If only I had known." IW's goal is to provide a voice for the voiceless.
Including Samuel: A Documentary Film
(Watson Theater 12:00-3:00)
Documentary film that examines educational and social inclusion of youth with disabilities.
Intergroup Dialogue Program
(Dome Floor  9:00-3:00)
Poster Presentations
Investment Club Table
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Information on the Investment Club
iQuilt Creation
(Hinds Hall 121 10:00-2:00)
Participate in the creation of a commemorative quilt for the School of Information Studies (iSchool).
It takes a Village
(Dome Floor 11:00-1:00)
Showcase the non-profit org started by SU students to support orphans in Zimbabwe
Judaic Studies Table
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
A table in the Dome to promote Judaic Studies
Latin American Theater Performance
(Gifford Auditorium 10:00-2:00)
Students of SPA 463/663 will perform scenes from Latin American plays in Spanish
Leonardo da Vinci: Artist and Engineer
(Kittredge 10:00-1:00)
Student reports and experiments on various aspects of Leonardo da Vinci's interest in art and engineering.
Mayfest Poetry and Fiction Reading
(Tolley 307 10:00-3:00)
A reading of poetry and fiction by English and Textual Studies Students and Faculty
McNair Research Symposium
(Hall of Languages 102 & 115 9:00-3:00)
McNair scholars present individual year-long research studies across various disciplines
Meet Our City Neighbors: Folk Arts Tent
(Quad 9:00-2:00)
Performances by Onondaga, Ukrainian, Ahiska, Sudanese, Vietnamese, Liberian, Congolese communities.
Mind Games: Psychology and Illusion
(Dome Floor 11:00-12:00)
Magic Show by Dr. David Kilpatrick Assistant Professor of psychology, Cortland State University.
MLAB - Mobile Literacy Art Bus
(Quad 8:00-3:00)
Model United Nations Round Table
(Hall of Languages 111 12:00-3:00)
Roundtable discussion on experiences at National Model United Nations Conference in New York City
Moot Court Demonstration
(College of Law: Courtroom 300 11:00-12:00 & 1:00-2:00)
Members of the nationally recognized SUCOL Trial Team demonstrate courtroom skills.
Native American Studies Program Informational Booth
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Information about Native American Studies at SU
Nutrition Research Presentation
(Dome Floor 12:00-2:00)
Presentation of senior students group research projects.
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Onondaga Land Rights Action
(Hendricks Chapel 1:00-3:00)
Promoting awareness of the Onondaga Land Rights Action and the current state of Onondaga lake
Phi Sigma Sigma Table
(Dome Floor 1:00-3:00)
A table with our information about our national philanthropy, National Kidney Foundation
Physics Magic Show
(Stolkin Auditorium 9:00-10:00; 11:00-12:00; 1:00-2:00)
Snap, crack, boom: A physics demonstration show involving the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism along with some crowd pleasing favorites.
Policies and Decision-Making
(Hall of Languages 114 10:00-1:00)
Final Information Policy Projects presentations by five teams of an advanced undergraduate class.
Projects in Artificial Intelligence
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Quilting: Hands on Quilt block making
(Dome Floor 10:00-12:00)
Attendees will get a chance to create a unique quilt block.
Recycling Center & Water Taste Test
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
A demonstration of the proper way to recycle and a water taste test
River Environment and GIS(Eggers 111 9:00-1:00) Presentation session of undergraduate and graduate research projects.
Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy
(Bowne Hall 105 12:00-2:00)
A film about a conceptual artist who uses materials from nature
Russian Literature Live!
(Hall of Languages 107 12:00-2:00)
Presentations of student final projects and dramatic scenes from LIT 226 and LIT 227
Save the Last Dance for Me
(Setnor Auditorium 1:00-2:00)
Singing the famous song by Michael Buble being accompanied by saxophone.
Sociology Senior Symposium: Thesis Presentations
(Eggers Hall 060 9:00-1:00)
Seminar presentations of undergraduate thesis projects.
Software Development Team Projects
(Hall of Languages 211 11:00-3:00)
Demonstrations by software development teams, including games and a security analysis system.
Soling Program Legacy Projects
(Eggers 060 1:00-3:00)
Presentations by students participating the Soling Program Legacy project on the work they have done this semester.
Southern Hospitality
(Hall of Languages 201 12:00-3:00)
Video about growing up
Sport Management Club Interactive Information Table
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Interactive table displaying our club, auction, banner, and video showing past years auction events.
Sports Medicine: Athletic treatment and performance
(Dome Floor 11:00-3:00)
The athletic trainers present some of their research from the SU Athletic Training Room
Strike a Pose: A display of Fashion Advertising
(Schine Atrium 8:00-2:00)
Newhouse Advertising and Photography students join forces to create advertising for fashion brands
SUNY ESF Club Activity Fair
(SUNY ESF Quad 11:00-1:00)
Showcasing SUNY-ESF's student organizations including interactive demonstrations
Super Amigos: Presented by the Syracuse International Film Festival
(Shaffer Hall: Shemin Auditorium 1:00-3:00)
71 minute documentary from Mexico. Director Arturo Perez Torres; post film discussion with "experts".
Survival: The Art of Self-Protection
(Flanagan Exercise Room 11:00-12:00)
Basic introduction to self defense
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
The importance of Sustainable practices at SU.
Sustainability Showcase: Students Taking Action
(Schine 304 A, B, C 10:00-3:00)
SU/ESF student films on sustainability-balancing the needs of the present to preserve the future.
Syracuse University Ancient Fife & Drum Corps
(Quad or Hendricks Chapel 11:00-12:00)
Traditional Fife & Drum music.
Syracuse University Guitar Ensemble Recita
l(Setnor Auditorium 11:00-12:00)
Guitarists perform works for solo, due and multiple guitars under the direction of Dr. Kenneth Meyer
Tell Us About the Ward: Memories of Syracuse's 15th Ward
(Hall of Languages 207 1:00-3:00)
A screening of a documentary film featuring personal testimonies of former residents of a Syracuse neighborhood destroyed by urban renewal.
The (Second) Year of Queer: Student Conference
(Tolley 304 11:00-1:00)
Students in the LGBT Minor courses present their work - Everyone is invited - Food will be provided
The Chemistry of Tie-Dye
(SUNY ESF Quad 11:00-1:00)
A presentation on the chemistry of tie-dye and sale of shirts for people to tie-dye.
The Color of Intervention
(Hendricks Chapel 10:00-11:00)
"The Color of Intervention" is a theater piece which explores the New York City Inventor Thomas Jennings, who was born in 1791 when New York was a slave state.  The production is performed by two 5th grade classes from Van Duyn Elementary School, in collaboration with Open Hand Theater and SU students through the Soling Program course "Puppets and Community".
The Day I Stole the Sun
(Crouse College 8:00-3:00)
Photographs and writings from Henniger High School Students
The Scientific Psychology of Poker
(Dome Floor 10:00-12:00)
Our course explores the psychological science relevant to the game of poker, including such topics as deception, nonverbal communication, decision-making, memory, implicit cognition, and computer-mediated communication.
Tours of the College of Law Tours of the COL will run on the hour beginning from the HQ tent.
ULSAMP Research Symposium Presentations
(Hall of Languages 202 11:00-3:00)
Supported by a NSF grant, the 7-school Alliance presents student research in the STEM disciplines
Undergraduate Research in Astrophysics
(Dome Floor 12:00-1:00)
Presentation on experiments, techniques and results
UP THE CREEK! Documentary arts project about Onondaga Creek
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Hear sneak previews of student-produced audio walking tours for Onondaga Creek
Urban Environments: NYC, Syracuse & other cities Multimedia projects from Fall 2007 Sociology class.
Who We Are: Psychology Undergraduate Student Groups
(Dome Floor 10:00-2:00)
Information about the Psych Club and NAMI student run organizations.
Windjammer Vocal Jazz Ensemble
(Setnor Auditorium 2:00-3:00)
Setnor School of Music's premier vocal jazz group directed by Prof. Bill DiCosimo
Wirless Grids Demonstration
(Hinds Hall 117 10:00-12:00)
Live demos of wirless grids applications to connect and share all your digital toys.
Women's & Gender Studies Department Senior Project Reception & Display
(Hall of Languages 201 9:00-11:00)
Open Forum and gallery display of Women's Studies seniors' creative research projects.
Worker's Pride at Syracuse University: Service Workers' Stories
(Hendricks Chapel 12:00-1:00)
Service workers will present their personal and work stories in a dramatic performance
Writing in Motion: Workshops for students
(HBC Writing Center 10:00-2:00)
The Writing Program, Writing Center and Jerk Magazine present "The Writing Machine".
Writing Program
(Dome Floor 9:00-3:00)
Writing Program: Major/Minor Information
Writing Program Service Learning
(Dome Floor 11:00-3:00)
A showcase of Writing Program student work produced about, for, and in collaboration with community partners.
Writing Program Student Advisory Board Dialogue
(HBC Writing Center 12:00-3:00)

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